Thursday, May 12, 2011

My weekend

Hooray! On my holiday I went to my uncle’s house to sleep over for only two days with my family. On Thursday my cousin came from Australia and he likes playing on PS3 and XBOX 360. When we got home everybody was happy, especially his mum. We ate McDonald and KFC, every time my cousin wanted something the adults bought it for him. It’s like he is the king of our family, but that’s not my problem. We went to bed and we played the PS3, we bought seven games from the shop. The games that we bought were Dragon Ball Z Infinite, Smack down vs Raw 2011, and All stars and others games. We played until 6:00am and then we watched some movies that we brought, we watched Ninja Assian, I Am Number Four, Arrow faster and Twin Warriors that was all. I felt tired and I went outside. When I got out I hit my head on a bucket and I fell over then thought I was dead. When I got back up I saw my cousin coming to me and he said “get up”, after I got up I went on the trampoline, I decided that I could fly like superman and I climb on the top of the garage, I climbed on the fence then on the garage. When I got up the fence I saw my cousin coming and just jumped straight away without running and then jumped your highest. I was doing a front flip until I slipped and my leg and I fell on the trampoline and fell off. I saw my cousin coming to help me up and then I heard my family say we needed to go to the market to buy some stuff. While my uncle and my dad were making BBQ, when we got back we ate BBQ and then we went home and slept. I had a really good time during my weekend.

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  1. Malo Sole,
    Oa ea mea gae ke fai mai ai gae pau i lalo.

    Anyway, I like reading your weekend with your cousin Steven.
    And you guys got up every Saturday playing games.