Monday, July 11, 2011

Making kites

We went the hall to learn how to make kites and we have some visitors to show us how to do kites. We went with room 3,4,5,6 and the teacher. We had to use paper to make kites.And the day was so raining, and a girl told us to listen carefully but not talking to anyone and not moving around. she said that we need to make a big circle, and we did what she said. When we got our paper she told us to draw anything on the paper and I draw Dragon ball Z on it.

And after we did that we had to stick the string that they brought and stick it on the piece of paper. Then we do all the stuff that she said and then we were finished and she said we all need to get in a big circle. When we got in a big circle she said room 6 and all the other classes is going to take turns than we had room 3 to go first and than they all ran around the all and than the lady said stop and they went back to the circle. And it was room 4 and then room 5 and finally it was us but the boys was at the other side, away from where we are standing than we had to go without the other boys.When we ran around the hall Vili ran to the boys side and than I ran back I was. And it was over than we had to go back to the glass room. I really enjoyed.

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