Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hooray we’re going swimming. At the pool there was a man called Mr Burton, he was the boss of the pool. We went and changed our swimming togs, I was the first one to finished changing. I ran over to the pool and then Miss Oldfield said to line up. We lined up and waited for a while because the girls were not hurrying up. We waited and waited until they came, Mr Burton said that if we don’t listen we get kicked out. He said to wash our feet in the bucket and up the stairs slowly, we went and wash our feet in the bucket and up the stairs then in the pool. Sefesi was the first one in the pool, and I was the fifth one in. Then the teacher said line up on the side of the pool. We went and lined up he said if you listen you get free time to do what ever you want in the pool. We practice diving and listening, we did what ever he said because we wanted to have free time. And we went and get board each and, and put it on our chest and float on the water I try mine and I sink then I try again and again and then I did it. After that we were finished and we had free time for one minute it was cool but short time. Then he said: time’s up out of the pool please: then we went out and it was a lot of fun.

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  1. Jonah looks like you had great fun in the pool!